Increasingly performing and reliable laser systems

Cy-laser is specialized in the production of fiber laser cutting and welding systems. The Italian company will exhibit at LAMIERA 2022 the CY-FAST MARK revolutionary galvo marking head to combine the marking process with cutting. This head, independent from the laser cutting source, is ideal for marking barcodes/QR Code and images very fast, even on film-coated materials. Its installation allows a very high-speed marking execution; if compared to that of a traditional system, it allows more than 40% saving of the time required. Moreover, the customized marking levels available and the possibility to adapt to each marking need makes it a very useful accessory that fits perfectly into the Industry 4.0 context. For contractors, in fact, the parts tracking is very important and CY-FAST MARK definitely represents an added value in this sense.

Thanks to the CYCAMLAB software support, it is possible to manage the marking areas, sequences and parameters (four standard pens available or the possibility to customize them based on specific need).

Cy-laser also developed the CY-FAST MARK SOFTWARE to pilot its laser marker separated from the cutting laser source but coordinated in its movements during post-processing.

The CY-FAST MARK, together with the proprietary cutting head EVO V HP for high powers, will be installed on the CY2D RP3015 fiber laser cutting systems in the Cy-laser booth. The CY2D RP3015 is ideal for typical Italian companies as it is a very high-performing system that requires minimal maintenance.

LAMIERA 2022 will also be an opportunity for Cy-laser to present important innovations such as the CYTUBE innovative modular structure system to cut tubes having different profiles, the 5-axis cutting head with variable chamfer for bevel cut, and the CYWELD fiber laser welding system ideal for automatic welding of two overlapping sheets and for the production of a semi-finished product which can be used for plate heat exchangers and conditioned silos.