Hydraulic plate and profile bending and machines

With over 60 years of experience, IMCAR is specialized in designing, manufacturing and providing bending machines and technological solutions worldwide. Imcar comes back to Lamiera fair as exhibitor by showing two machines well known and appreciated by the market: the CPHV profile bending machines and the 4RH hydraulic plate bending machines.

CPHV are machines designed and built to provide high-level performance, precision, repeatability, and reduced maintenance requirements. The standard configuration is very equipped, including: three driving rolls and lateral rolls with three-dimensional adjustment complete with roll for bending corner profiles. The rolls have a surface hardness of 60 HRC, remote control desk and it is possible to work both horizontally and vertically.

The 4RH are hydraulic bending machines with a very strong steel structure and long support to guarantee rigidity. The lateral rolls and the pinching roll move on linear guides and the interaxes between the central roll and the bending rolls is very small, optimizing the pre-bending. The result is a flat part that is less than 2 times the thickness. The rolls are hardened on double bearings and driven by two hydraulic motors. The parallelism is managed by an electronic system of proportional valves.

IMCAR produces machines with high quality standards able to create reliable solutions to the customers.