High quality warranty, efficiency and reliability

The company L.D.M. Officina Meccanica s.r.l. located in Barzago (Lecco) is one of the leaders for design, manufacturing and installation of lines and single machines for coil processing machineries for all kinds of steel and nonferrous metals of 0.3-16 mm thickness, our main products are:
• Cut-to-length lines

• Slitting lines
LDM lines are designed with the latest standards of technology and completely made in our factory.
The LDM levellers are used for leveling steel coils and sheets to eliminate the main defects of the metal sheet after rolling mills such as dents, curvature, waviness, camber and so on.
Our leveling machines are suitable for all kind of material, with width up to 2100 mm and thicknesses 0,3-16 mm.
Levellers are designed and built to meet the highest and most strict requirements for the quality and reliability to provide an extremely precise material flatness.
The reduced technical maintenance and strength of our levellers ensure high productivity and low operating costs for our customers.

We build the levellers with fixed frames and changeable (cassette type) system which allows to change levelling blocks within a very short time.
We have a wide range of shears. The last one we designed and built is a Flying shear 2000×16 mm for material with resistance up to 800 H / mm2 and with speed up to 60 m/min.