High pression dust collectors DAP series

DAP series represents the ideal solution for the aspiration and filtration of different dust types (composite materials, metal, wood, plastic, etc.) produced by processing which require high or very high pressure; For pressure until 4.500 Pa and air delivery until 2.000 m3/h, the models DAP 40 and DAP 75 are perfectly suitable, equipped with high efficiency electro-fan. For more performing applications (high vacuum), for pressure until 20.000 Pa and air delivery until 1.000 m3/h the models DAP150S and DAP185S guarantee these performances thanks to the equipment of very high pressure and efficiency blowers.

All DAP models are made of welded and painted sheet and equipped with:

– Cartridges filtering media with counter-current jet-pulse cleaning system controlled by a settable control unit for the managing of the cleaning cycles according to the real needs, guarantee of constant efficiency and duration of the filtering media (further than 8.000 hours);
– Discharge in mobile bin 160 liters equipped with turning wheels;
– Electrical board for the start delta/star of the electro-fan/blower complete of the electric and pneumatic connections, ΔP display, vacuum gauge and alarms;
– Soundproof box for the electro-fan/blower;
– HEPA filter class H11 on the air outlet (only for models DAP 040/075);
– Standard power supply 400 V / 50 Hz;


– Different voltages or frequencies
– Management and control with PLC
– Inverter for the modulation of the aspiration and energy saving
– Special cartridges for specific uses
– ATEX execution for dusts with explosive characteristics ST1 KST 200 for zones 21/22, with electro-valves certified ATEX Ex II 3D, venting systems with diverter certified ATEX Ex II D and antistatic cartridges
– Anti-fire switch board with temperature probe
– Dust probe (dust detector) for the alarm of abnormal dust emission
– Level gauge for the bin filling
– Etc..