Heating metals with induction heating systems

Daily workshop operations such as preheating, unlocking joints or bolts, removing putty and paints or more complex works such as straightening chassis, tempering, ironing of sheets or shrink-fitting can become simpler and above all faster if you use the right tools. The new induction heater technology is the ideal solution.
The magnetic induction is in fact an effective, safe and repeatable method that allows you to heat any type of metal (including aluminum) in a few seconds, thus allowing you to permanently eliminate the use of the welding torch in the workshops, ensuring safety and cost savings. The absence of open flames also enables you to work even near parts that are sensitive to heat, such as cables or pipes, without the risk of damaging them.
Compared to the flames, which bring the surface temperature of the metal over 3,000 ° C with the inevitable change in the characteristics of the metal itself, induction heating generates heat only in the necessary point with great precision. It is sufficient to stop heating at 500/600 ° to carry out the most common operations of straightening, bending, replacement of bolts and bearings.
Useful for workshop and mechanical works, they allow, for example, to remove screws, bolts or any type of tightening on a metal support, without damaging the piece itself, but also to straighten shafts and rods or even “iron” the metal +sheets.
The advantages of induction are:
high energy efficiency;
reaching the desired temperature in a few seconds;
fast and precise heating;
excellent cost-performance ratio;
greater safety for the operator;
absence of open flames and gas cylinders;
long, continuous and repeatable operating times;
low oxidation of machined pieces;
wide range of products for every need;
possibility of automation.