Gemini & Kronos: automation and diverse processes increase competitiveness

FICEP’s gantry style CNC plate processor represents the ideal solution for those firms who want to optimize their productivity and competitive advantage in the market. Gemini’s diverse capability allows it to process, in a single production cell, a total range of plate sizes automatically. Typical processes include thermal cutting, marking, milling, drilling, tapping, chamfering and more all with excellent productivity and accuracy. This enables starting from a stock plate and arriving with finished parts in a fully automatic process. Some existing users attest to a total cycle time reduction of 40% over prior methods.

The Gemini’s diverse functionality and automation, with industry leading performance, generates important competitive advantages in terms of:

– The reduction of costs and material handling, since multiple operations are produced on the same work cell
– Total reduction in the complete cycle time and production cost
– Achieving high precision of the final parts and in the reduction of material scrap
– Avoiding errors thanks to the automateed scribing

Kronos extends Ficep’s offer for plate cutting solutions. Precision, reliability and a new plasma source allow to obtain the maximum performance, also combined with other models like Gemini.

Kronos is studied to satisfy the requirements of the manufacturers of plates, connection plates, gussets, stiffeners and so on from the raw material to the finished part, executing all cutting processes in a single operation, without handling the material and with the aid of a single operator.

Structurally, Kronos are heavy-duty gantry lines that offer three different working widths for plates (2,540, 3,100 and 3,600 mm) and a maximum workbench length of 24 metres.
The single-beam gantry can be equipped with different (by number and typology) cutting solutions: depending on the configuration chosen, it is possible to mount up to two plasma torches, two Bevel torches or one for each type.
Besides, Kronos can be equipped with a spindle to carry out pre- holes for the successive cutting as well as with up to four oxycutting torches.

Gemini and Kronos can work a stand-alone systems or combined in tandem: the advantages of their integration are evident, starting from the economic saving that derives from the availability of a single bench for two distinct machines; one operator can then manage both models through the same user interface. The space taken up by Gemini and Kronos virtually over-laps, then, with the same overall dimensions it is possible to double machining operations.
The higher productivity is also obtained thanks to the reduced material handling: Ficep offers different solutions to meet the specific customer’s requests.

Thanks to the integration between Kronos and Gemini, and Ficep Steel Projects PLM Suite, we can manage the entire production in a fully automatic way, in line with Industry 4.0 concept:
– The piece designed with CAD is automatically imported to generate the CNC program to start the processing
– Steel Projects communicates with the nesting software to optimize the plate processing
– Steel Projects connects the machine with the production office and monitors in real time the production efficiency to constantly optimize the cycle through simple and user-friendly panels.