Flexible rollforming lines for purlin profiles

STAM produces innovative rollforming lines and coil cutting lines. It was one of the first companies in the world to develop flexible rollforming, and is recognized as a leader in the sector; it also continues to develop the technology characterizing traditional rollforming lines.

Among the flexible rollforming lines, great importance have the production plants of structural profiles, purlins, which are used in the construction of industrial steel sheds and prefabricated buildings.

These systems are perfect if you need to quickly change the type and size of the profile to be produced, because they are more versatile than traditional models; allowing you to pass automatically from a product to another with extremely short times. The machine is always set from one profile to another in less than 6 min.

The profiles can have different dimensions, holes and thicknesses and the dimensions changes from 80 to 700 mm in width, from 40 to 150 mm in height, from 1 to 5 mm in thickness, with possible extensions of these ranges. The section of the structural profiles can be C, U, Zeta, Sigma, Zigma, with the Plus variants.

STAM lines are equipped with flexible NC punching units, to make the different holes on the various positions programmed on the PC: this type of punching guarantees maximum flexibility in the position of the holes and high performance.

Stam designs in-house PC supervision and control software for its lines, which can be interfaced with the customer’s ERP, according to the standards required by Industry 4.0.
For the most demanding customers, we can integrate laser forming and cutting systems to give maximum flexibility.

Our lines for the production of structural profiles are usually completed with automatic stacking and packing systems.