Facing the future

OPM of Baronissi (SA) is specialized in the design and production of complete punching lines, automatic plants and robotized islands for the processing of high quality metal sheets and profiles. Now in its first thirty years of activity, and the third generation, the company looks to the future with the certainty of being able to continue to play an important role and as a leading player in the international arena, always focusing on innovation and technical creativity.
OPM arises itself as the partner of its client in order to make possible that his idea can be industrialized.

The distinctive trait of the company is in fact to know how to adapt to the constantly market dynamics changing of the sectors served, bringing it over the years to a constant technological updating, through automation and robotics.

And it is robotics that has characterized one of the recent applications developed by the OPM, as a response to the production needs that require automatic processing without the supervision by the operator.
We are talking about Cn Robotic, a powerful robotic work island born precisely to satisfy these needs.
In summary, the island consists of an anthropomorphic robot with a plasma cutting head capable of performing numerous machining operations on flat and inclined surfaces thanks to the 7 axes. Complete with simple and intuitive Cad / Cam software that allows complete customization of the work on different types of profiles with high-performance results even in difficult conditions.

The wide and diversified range of plants developed by OPM also includes CN Sprint, a work unit that also deserved the “European invention patent no. EP14166742.8. “.
This is a particular type of press, patented in Italy and in Europe, which aims to redefine and revolutionize the concept of punching, allowing punching simultaneously, that is molding, and the progress of the metal tape in a fast and effective way.