Evo – bright the evolution

With nearly 40 years of experience, HELVI S.p.A. continues to reassert itself as an ideal partner for researching and developing technological solutions for the welding industry, always offering innovative products in line with the needs of the market and its own customers.

EVO is the result of several years of R&D investment backed up by collaboration with demanding experts in the field. EVO combines technological improvements both in Hardware and Software that has resulted in a complete range of Inverters capable of satisfying the most challenging users’ welding requirements.

The EVO technology is available today on the whole range
Maxitech/Multitech/Compact DC/Plasma Cutting

The benefits of the new EVO range are:

Equipped with the newest Microprocessor generation:
• Use of advanced control algorithms that guarantee high welding performance
• Faster reaction to electric arc variation and condition
• New welding arc dynamics with reduced spatter
• Possibility to weld all type of electrodes in all welding positions thanks to the new arc performance
• Higher energy efficiency
• New electronic input voltage control which allows a wider range of work
• Automatic VRD to increase electrical safety and energy efficiency
• Optional interface for remote control on either MIG or TIG torches with the brand new interface Up/Down analog or digital
• Optional Bluetooth® interface for Auto-darkening helmet T-Link® by Trafimet
• Fast updating via USB port
• Welding data analysis
• TIG: new arc strike “SAFE START” function and Pulse frequency up to 2500Hz
• PLASMA: longer consumable life and improved cutting performance and quality
• Available today on the whole range Maxitech/Multitech/Compact DC/Plasma Cutting