Energy saving and better welding quality, CEMSA eco-friendly seam welders mrt hybrid

CEMSA is proud to present during LAMIERA 2019 in Hall 18 booth E20, in the family, the new seam welders series MRT Hybrid Inverter. Those units, despite of an alternate current traditional transformer, are equipped with SAFCO last generation of Inverters suitable for AC systems. Combined with the CS-I welding controller with 64 programs, this solutions cut the energy consumption up to 40-45% compared to traditional AC seam welders thanks to: a) power factor close to 1 b) the possibility of setting the current in Ampere and not in percentage c) the reduction of absorption picks (square wave). Furthermore, the results on the stainless steel, were the demand of aesthetic is higher, are consistent. The possibility of a better welding parameters tuning, due to the inverter support, minimize the stainless steel overheating, with a result of a clean welding compared to the one obtained by a traditional Alternate Current seam welder, especially on thin sheets.
Maintenance costs are also cut down, because the transformers are not equipped with battery of diodes on the secondary exit and the wear of the electrodes is minimized again thanks to the high quality of the current output from the inverter. All the above qualities on the MRT HYBIRD reduce the payback time and make absolutely affordable the investment in the welder. The AC inverter package, is also available for old CEMSA machines refurbishing.