EffiCOIL punch laser machine

EffiCOIL is a coil-fed combination punch laser machine.
The line is equipped with two compact and independent working heads (electric punching unit and optic-fiber laser cutting unit) running aligned, thanks to an innovative electronic system: the units are perfectly synchronized and run on the same work area, with the highest precision and speed.
Therefore, EffiCOIL is an innovative and flexible solution with no equal in the coil fed laser punching machines market, because it cuts and forms coil sheets within a single line: the interpolation of themachine working axis allows to cut, punch and form any shape or geometric figure for producing parts directly from coil sheet.

EffiCOIL laser punching machine: the best technology on the market
Thanks to its features, EffiCOIL is the top of the range on the market. Produtech is able to build and program each machine to suit the customer’s specific requirements, so as to optimise the laser punching and cutting processes to the maximum. This leads to enormous savings in time and electrical energy, making the EffiCOIL laser punching machine environmentally friendly. What’s more, our machine produces no CO2 thanks to the use of fibre laser technology.
The technological value, innovativeness and eco-sustainability of this combined laser punching machine have been ratified by the European Commission, which has financed the design and production of the first prototype with funds from the Horizon 2020 project.
Moreover, Produtech also guarantees careful after-sales technical assistance: thanks to our technical experts we are able to follow the customer’s needs from the first contact and throughout the installation and life of the machine.
Why choose a combination punch laser machine with coil feeding
All the machines designed and manufactured by Produtech, including the top of the range EFFICOIL, are fully customisable and suitable for many sectors, such as:
• logistics
• construction
• storage
• production of metal containers
All are equipped to allow automatic processing of parts by feeding from coils, with great savings in emissions and time.