Easy-flexible-safe. Men and robot now at work together

The collaborative HANWHA robots are designed to work alongside the man in complete safety to perform a usually repetitive, weary and low added value job, leaving the man with the space and time for the most important control functions.
The cobots lend themselves to being inserted in already existing systems without the need for expensive and cumbersome safety barriers, greatly increasing their productivity.
They are easy to install and it takes just half a day to learn how to program them even for totally inexperienced operators.
The HANWHA cobots are available in the three models HCR 3, HCR 5 and HCR 12 and some of the most important applications, for which they are suitable, are for example:
palletizing, pick and place, screwing, cleaning, dispensing, assembly, welding and machine tool interlocking.
The HANWAHA cobot software is already equipped with numerous functions that make it versatile in many applications such as for example the conveyor belt management synchronized to the robot, artificial vision system, recording of the useful path for example in painting processes or where it is necessary to reproduce the functionality of the human hand.
The HANWHA cobots allow, thanks to their special API software to implement customized software for increasingly innovative and dedicated solutions.