Dryers & chillers for laser industry

As a leading global manufacturer of dryers, filters, compressed air treatment accessories and water chillers, Friulair designs, develops and markets a wide range of products for the sheet metal industry.

Friulair is pleased to present the new range of QBE TOTEM chillers, designed to cool laser machines: a series of compact water chillers with double water circuits.
The QBE TOTEM range is designed to meet the application requirements of the laser processing sector by offering precise control of the chilled water temperature with different thermal load requirements during operation over long periods. It is equipped with two pumps that serve two different users at different temperatures: water to cool the laser source and water to cool the optics. The chilling circuit is fitted with a precision regulation system for the outlet water temperature, capable of managing widely varying thermal load trends and providing the chilled water’s constant temperature on the source.
The QBE TOTEM range offers high flexibility for on-demand hydraulic configurations to adapt the product to specific needs.

To show how traditional compressed air is treated, Friulair will be presenting its ACT (Aluminium Cooling Technology) range of compressed air dryers equipped with purification filters at Lamiera. This versatile and reliable range reduces energy consumption and has been designed with the utmost respect for the environment, using environmentally friendly refrigerants and recyclable construction materials.