Convoled wheels and unitized sheets / discs

Thanks to the experience of over 60 years of history, the Company has developed wrapped wheels obtained with the spiral winding of non-woven abrasive fabric with simultaneous compression and gluing around a central fiber core, available in all the grains and with different hardness and that thanks to their compactness are perfectly shaped, they are particularly suitable for removing burrs without changing the morphology of the product to be processed. Depending on the grain and hardness they can be used on any type of metal, thus avoiding problems with the clogging of the wheel, thus always allowing an optimal yield of the abrasive mineral.
From the same experience we have also developed UNITIZED discs in non-woven abrasive overlapping and compressed with simultaneous impregnation available in all grain sizes and in different hardness. Given the possibility of making very small diameters and thicknesses, they are particularly suitable for micro-deburring workings without changing the morphology of the product to be processed and where there are particular space problems.
Both products allow the Company to be present in particular industrial sectors where metals are used which, due to their hardness and shape, require precise and performing tools.