Complete solutions for sheet metal working

ECS has been present on the CNC market since 1970 and has written the history of the Italian CNC. In 2017, merging with TDE MACNO, an important brand in power electronics and drives, was founded BDF Digital, which today represents an important player in automation industry, able to offer the complete equipment of CNCs, drives and motors.
The CNC900 series is suitable for various technologies (turning, bending, waterjet, plasma cutting and laser cutting). This CNC finds perfect application with BDF Digital’s OPDEplus drives; moreover, thanks to the etherCAT standard bus, it allows distributed cabling and connection to other field buses. The software that runs on a standard operating system (Windows) and offers various connectivity possibilities, makes this CNC the ideal component for Industry 4.0, with perfect integration into the corporate communication network.
Specifically for cutting processing, the company offers the CNC905S, suitable for various technologies (plasma, waterjet, oxy-fuel). This product presents pre-wired logic that makes it “ready to use”, with a simple and quick installation by the OEM and, in addition, an extraordinary possibility of HMI customization. The CNC can be equipped with Shape CAM®: a specific “light” CAM for cutting, which guides the operator in programming. Among the distinctive features stand out the “retrace”, to reposition the axes on any point of the profile already executed, the automatic zoom/shift of the graphics, and the automatic resumption of machining (tangential or linear). Finally, all the specific functions for cutting, such as height control, the Data Base of the technological conditions according to the material and the “surface mapping”, which performs a surface mapping cycle prior to the processing.
For laser cutting, BDF Digital offers the CNC915S: it can be configured to manage laser sources/heads of different brands, with analog or digital (EtherCAT) sensors. It offers totally renewed graphics and advanced performances: part-program preview by scrolling the program list, machining scheduler, to include/exclude program sections without editing it, technological Data Base and the “fly-cut”. Furthermore, for bi-rotary heads, RTCP management, with automatic kinematic calibration cycles.