Automation beside the bending operator

Introductive preview of the new vimercati vsb solution: press brake with automatic tool changer and storage cabinet.
The vsb solution makes bending operation more versatile, faster and more reliable. It eliminates the manual configuration of the press brake and allows the operator to dedicate his time and skills to preparing the bending batches.
It is ideal solution for small, complex and uneven batches, where setup times impact on machine productivity and production cost.
During the tool change, a safety laser scanner detects the working area, protecting the operator, without requiring any human intervention when restoring machine functionality.

It’s fast: maximum setup speed, 3 times faster than manual settings.
It’s precise: zeroing of the errors due to incorrect manual mounting of the tools.
It’s safe: a laser scanner monitors and protects the working area.
It’s flexible: it is suitable to both the programming and production of small batches and kits.
It’s advanced: possibility of offline programming via cam.

the standard configurations include:
• a press brake measuring ton 150×3050 mm or ton 200×4175 mm
• a tools storage cabinet available in three lengths: 32m / 52m / 60m
• a shuttle for the automatic picking and positioning of tools
• automatic change of the die
• automatic change of the punch with a 180° rotation of the tools
• protections

The storage cabinet can be housed both on the right and on the left of the press brake.

Twin system:
The flexibility of the storage cabinet also allows the creation of the twin system which combines two press brakes with the same storage cabinet, offering the same tools fleet at the service of two presses.
The twin storage cabinet has a capacity of min 52 meters and max 60 meters of tools, and the press brakes can have the same or different features in terms of tonnage and bending length.

* non-standard configurations on demand