Automatic tool changer for high tonnages

Gasparini presents Agile, the only tool changer for large format press brakes. Until now, automatic tool changers have only focused on speed and the elimination of tooling errors. From today with Agile you can accept large volumes of work and achieve total customization even with large parts.

Agile is the tool changer interpreted and designed by Gasparini, dedicated to companies looking for the best from their press brakes. With Agile, you can perform a large number of processes, from high thicknesses up to 290 mm deep boxes.
Agile is the perfect combination of process automation and increased production capacity, available for press brakes up to 640 tons and 8 meters. It allows maximum customization of the work area and complete tooling on the entire length or on separate stations. Agile is compatible with Wila and Promecam tools, even with tool adapters, offers an extended storage capacity also on custom tools and hemming dies.

Gasparini also showcases the new X-Press Next 30 t/1250 mm, perfect for small components with maximum versatility and productivity. It’s compatible with Wila or Promecam tools, also with AirSlide sliding clamping. It can be equipped with ergonomic table tops, repositionable CNC, and adjustable chair. Work area is customizable up to a 400-mm daylight and 200-mm stroke, with a 4-axis backgauge. Its powerful CNC makes it Industry 4.0 ready, allowing to extract data and share information at corporate level: bending programs, sensors, statistics. Remote configuration and diagnostics allow for a lean and effective production on small and large batches.