At LAMIERA: a preview of The Solution for all high-quality production lots

CUBE is the small and compact fiber-optic laser cutting machine (just 2,600mm on the side ), equipped with FANUC laser control and source, which is aimed at all companies that carry out high quality laser processing. In the field of precision tool eyewear, all sectors find CUBE to be a concrete response to the need to define work processes, reliability and containment of costs.
The innovative technology incubator ‘Applyca robot cell is a Friulian reality with many years of experience in the technical assistance sector. It has grown to include the production of machine tools which are 100% made in Italy and utilize for the first time the Japanese technology FANUC for control, laser source and robotics.
The ‘One FANUC’ approach, led by Alfonso Sciarrabone, Commercial Director for Applyca Laser Solution, allows companies to rely on a single interlocutor for the technology integration of components while also providing a widespread and dedicated support and assistance network, successfully addressing global challenges.
CUBE is equipped with a fully automated loading and unloading plan and is developed on two levels. Given its architecture, it is possible to start a new cutting phase in less than 5 seconds.
The CAD CAM, of Alma Italia srl, installed in the controls allows for identification of each single piece cut by discriminating the only order. It is therefore, possible to launch several orders simultaneously in the same sheet metal.
The FANUC 710 M robot comes complete with a versatile gripper to “collect” the single piece after cutting. The machine, equipped with linear magnetic motors that guarantee high precision, has a work area of 1,500 x 1,500m. The Y axis, in aluminum, allows for incomparable lightness and dynamism.
Improved performance in terms of speed and precision, environmental costs and ease of use make the innovative machine designed by Applyca in line with the latest Industry 4.0