At LAMIERA 2022 with an interesting news

The Company with headquarters in Chiuppano will exhibit the new R1600CNC machining center in its stand D03 (Hall 13).
It is an innovative automatic machine equipped with 11 movements obtained with brushless motors.

The applications are manifold, from trimming, to beading and / or flanging of complex geometric shapes such as round and polygonal panels.
The machine is an interesting product that can be used in many sectors, for example in the production of polygonal panels for domestic and urban furniture, as well as of road signs.
Thanks to the new numerical control and the implementation of new powerful CPUs and an innovative HMI, the center becomes even more flexible and reliable.
The movements of work unit and spindle are “synchronized” by the high-performance numerical control, which allows the operator unprecedented flexibility in terms of production change.

The advantages are evident with large parts, where the expansion dies would be too expensive.
In addition, the use of brushless motors guarantees a clear reduction in energy requirements compared to traditional pneumatic or hydraulic systems.
OMERA choices as concerns product and process are oriented towards sustainable development.
The company is committed to developing and implementing solutions that allow a significant reduction in the environmental impact and costs reduction, given the growing impact of the energy price.