At LAMIERA 2022 Salvagnini is beyond manufacturing

The highlights at LAMIERA 2022 include metal forming machine tools, automation, and solutions for the interconnected and digital factory: this is a perfect backdrop for Salvagnini, who has returned to the event to present its latest innovations and a new concept, oriented towards the future.
Sarego, May 2022. In the beginning was the panel bender. Since 1977 – the year in which Guido Salvagnini designed and produced the first P4 – Salvagnini has been a byword for panel bending. With universal bending tools, the Salvagnini panel bender does not require any re-tooling and is able to machine the entire range of thicknesses and materials, adapting automatically to the size and geometry of the part to be produced, in-cycle, without machine downtimes. Its highly flexible technology allows it to adapt completely autonomously even to the varying mechanical and geometrical characteristics of the sheet metal being machined, as well as to the external environment. The path that was started with the panel bender has continued with the introduction of other machine tools and industrial systems that are easy to use, highly performing, versatile and intelligent. The realization of the concept of flexible automation has always been part of Salvagnini’s DNA: the goal is to transform packs of sheet metal into a wide range of products, in a lean environment that does not require operator intervention, within a progressive production process. This is a concept that Salvagnini first applied in the 80s to its automatic lights-out factories, which have gradually evolved into modern 4.0 factories.
Today digitalization, technological evolution and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution have led to cultural and industrial changes too. The parameters have changed: we are more interested in ideas than things, the mind more than material, bytes more than atoms. Salvagnini has embraced this change: the concept of beyond manufacturing, which it will present at LAMIERA 2022, represents precisely this synthesis between production and the future. Beyond manufacturing is a vision that goes beyond: beyond the image of the industry and mechanical processes, open to ideas, thought, change, mankind. It is a vision that merges with design, dialog and active advice in the sheet metal working sector. It is a vision that is directed towards sheet metal, but goes beyond it.
With beyond manufacturing, Salvagnini has positioned itself as the ideal partner for future-oriented companies. The Group, with its consultative approach and its ability to propose tailor-made solutions, shares its experience and knowledge with its customers in order to control and optimize production, which are the keystones to recovering efficiency and productivity.
The value of human capital
The centrality of man, and of his ideas and skills, therefore remains a constant – in accordance with what Salvagnini proposes with its Social Industry, which it introduced at EuroBLECH 2018.
“We like to think that our vision of the future is coherent with our past,” explains Tommaso Bonuzzi, Sales Director at Salvagnini. “We have gradually eliminated routine and repetitive tasks, activities with low added value which are in some way alienating, increasing the importance of operators to a role of managing and controlling the machines and systems. The market, which is increasingly oriented toward a make-to-order and just-in-time strategy, and the recent pandemic context, have pushed us and are continuing to push us in this direction: today operators can continue to express their own potential, even remotely if necessary. The new digital tools that we have made available, in fact, allow operators to make the most of the functionality of Salvagnini machines, which are able to react to everything happening around them, upstream and downstream, in the production cycle. They can optimize the production process by balancing workflows and taking advantage of the new machines to produce only what is needed, when it is needed. Moreover, these adaptive machines are equipped with a full array of sensors and no longer need fine tuning, because they correct themselves in-cycle and consume only the energy that is strictly necessary. But we do not supply only high-quality, innovative products. We pay close attention to consulting in our work, we like to share our ideas and experience, offering tailored solutions and services to meet all our customers’ needs, with a special focus on process efficiency, automation, digitalization and energy saving. Precisely for this reason, Beyond manufacturing is the concept we are presenting at LAMIERA 2022: not only our product but all our pre- and post-sales services, designed to support customers in their path towards innovation and continuous growth. As regards our technological range, on our stand we will be exhibiting an L3 laser with 10kW source and a new, compact automation for sheet metal loading and unloading. Alongside the laser will be a flexible cell consisting of a B3 press brake, equipped with automatic bending tool adjuster that reduces bending effort and errors, and P-Robot, a new application combining a P1 panel bender and an anthropomorphic robot that independently produces both batches and single parts. Italy is a fundamental market for our business, and LAMIERA 2022 will give us the opportunity to present our range in the best way. We are looking forward to receiving many visitors at the exhibition, and are pleased that we will be able to meet our customers, partners and suppliers in person: the exhibition “in presence” is a unique and valuable opportunity for building relations with people.”