All sides of performance and Made in Italy

Prima Power participates at LAMIERA with the motto “All sides of performance”, which summarizes its integrated approach to customer needs. Its solutions for sheet metal working meet all the aspects that affect competitiveness: from productivity to energy efficiency, from automation to flexibility, from ergonomics to the digitalization of processes. All the solutions on display are Made in Italy, a guarantee of a high technological and quality level and an important advantage in a period in which supply chains are an increasingly critical factor in the world of manufacturing.

Exhibited for the first time at an Italian trade fair, Laser Genius+ is the innovative 2D cutting machine with unique high-tech solutions. With the three sizes 1530, 2040 and 2060, Laser Genius+ is a “plug & play” machine with very quick installation times and a symmetrical and reversible layout that increases ergonomics and ease of integration into any production context. It is exhibited with the Compact Server automatic loading and unloading device for raw and processed sheets and an additional loading/unloading station.

The Express Bender servo-electric panel bender with USS integrated system for automatic unloading and stacking of bent pieces is unique on the market. The USS system uses the EBe suction cup loader which, with an extended stroke and the addition of a rotation device, is also used for the removal of bent components and their stacking on pallets.

The eP Genius 1030 integrates an eP-1030 servo-electric press brake with an automatic tool storage. The high dynamics, precision and reliability of Prima Power’s servo-electric technology combine with the advantages of an automatic tool change system in a productive and flexible bending solution particularly suitable for small batches.

Thanks to live demonstrations of the Prima Power software ecosystem for the digital and integrated factory, visitors can experience how it is possible to program and monitor the entire production process, all the technologies involved and all levels of automation.