AGV complements automation for laser cutting processes

Remmert, specialist in storage technology and automation for long goods and sheet metal, is presenting pioneering material flow concepts for low-personnel laser cutting processes. The highlight is the new Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system for the autonomous transport of sheet metal.

“At this year’s LAMIERA, we will show visitors how to produce highly efficiently with clever material flow concepts. The focus is on the low-staff operation of laser cutting machines,” explains Michał Góreczny, Key Account Manager at Remmert. The automation of the material flow around laser cutting systems enables highly efficient operation of the systems with significantly reduced personnel costs. By automating the loading and unloading, as well as the robot-assisted palletising or buffering of the cut parts in the sheet metal warehouse, the operating time of the lasers can in principle be extended to 24/7.

With automatic sheet metal storage systems and robotic solutions for loading and unloading laser cutting machines, Remmert already offers modules for a highly automated laser cutting process. Remmert also offers solutions for the sorting and palletising of laser-cut parts. With the new Automated Guided Vehicle system, Remmert is significantly expanding the level of automation to include the entire intralogistics in the field of sheet metal production. The AGV is specially designed for the autonomous transport of 3015 sheets. “For example, raw sheets can be automatically delivered to a laser cutting machine while the sheet metal store is located in another area of the hall. It is also possible to transport whole cut sheets or up to three Euro pallets to flexible destinations in the plant. All in all, the AGV enables a large degree of freedom in the spatial planning of storage and processing centres,” Michał Góreczny explains the possible applications.