The voice of several operators, who chose LAMIERA to exhibit and show the public their novelties in the field of machine toolsfor sheet metal forming and innovative technologies related to the sector.


Matteo Benedetto – PRIMA POWER
Chief Operating Officer

“…among the manufacturers of sheet-metal fabrication machines, Prima Power is one of the few players that have a complete range of products, capable of covering various areas of applications: a real one-stop shop offering its customers solutions for all their requirements. During these last difficult years, we have never stopped and have continued our research activity by developing new technologies and increasingly enriching our product offering. As the only high-level exhibition for the sector in Italy, LAMIERA 2022 will be the perfect occasion to exhibit all our technological solutions. In particular, at our stand, the spotlight will be on our latest new products: Genius+, a 10-Kw laser machine; EBe, a completely automated panel bender and the innovative eP Genius, a press brake with automatic tool change storage. In addition, thanks to our strong presence in Italy, – with two factories and a nationwide service network – we can offer our Italian customers an after-sale service of excellence all over our country. Our participation in the trade show will allow us to have a comprehensive and accurate view of the current trend of the market, as well as indications for future directions. We are confident that the event will be an excellent instrument to support and pursue the relaunch registered last year, while contributing to the continuation of the positive trend even in 2022…” 

Tommaso Bonuzzi – SALVAGNINI
Sales Director

“…an international company based in Italy, Salvagnini has been designing and manufacturing flexible systems for sheet-metal processing for over 50 years. Nevertheless, our proposal is not limited to offering innovative, high-quality products. Indeed, we are very attentive to the consulting aspect in our business: we like sharing our ideas and experience, offering customised solutions and services to meet all our customers’ needs, with a particular attention to process efficiency, automation, digitalisation and energy saving. Expressly for this reason, Beyond Manufacturing will be the concept by which we will exhibit at LAMIERA 2022: we will not only feature our products, but also all our pre-sale and after-sale services, conceived to support our customers in their path of innovation and continuous development. As far as our technological product offering is concerned, at our stand, we will show our L3 laser system with a 10kW source and new compact automation for sheet-metal loading and unloading. Besides the laser system, we will have a flexible machining cell including our B3 press brake – equipped with automatic bending-tool change system, which reduces errors and the heavy tasks of bending operators – and our P-Robot, a new application that combines our P1 panel bender and an anthropomorphic robot for autonomous batch-production or single-piece manufacturing. Italy is a fundamental market for our business and LAMIERA 2022 will give us the opportunity to present our product ranges in the best way. We expect a large audience participation in the exhibition and we look forward to having a direct meeting with customers, partners and suppliers again. Taking part in a trade show in person is a unique, very valuable occasion to build relationships among people…” 

Marco Brazzolotto – GASPARINI
Marketing Manager

“...currently, the whole machine tool sector is experiencing a relaunch period characterised by a considerable rise in requests and orders. For this reason, in the halls of LAMIERA 2022, we expect to find a general bubbling over of activity and strong enthusiasm by all the attending operators, who will finally be returning to visit the exhibition with great interest and curiosity, after months of absence. The extremely positive context and our encouraging data for 2022 lead us to expect a good outcome from our participation. For us, the trade show will not be a merely promotional and commercial occasion, but it will also represent an opportunity for relations and strengthening of relationships with the other manufacturers of the metal forming sector and with our Italian and foreign partners. Over the last few years, by moving from Bologna to Milan, LAMIERA has acquired higher international appeal, an important factor for our company, which has a strong propensity to export, even if, for us, this is an event with high impact for the Italian market. At LAMIERA 2022, we will exhibit as an enterprise of reference in the field of profile forming, capable of offering its customers highly customised plants, Our strengths are flexibility and capacity of innovating by creating customised solutions that integrate different technologies according to diverse customer’s requirements. This allows us to face ever-new challenges…” 

Simone Buscarini – AMADA ITALIA
Sales Manager

“…as the Italian branch of AMADA, the Japanese Multinational Group, our company specialises in the development of solutions for the management of the entire production process. It also provides consulting, sales and ongoing-support services. Our goal is the customer’s maximum satisfaction and a crucial step in the achievement of this purpose is the digitalisation of some fundamental processes. Our strengths lie in the management and control of our machines by the use of new interconnected software systems, which enable to analyse production data in real time and work on the health condition of machines in a predictive way. This allowed us to close the year 2021 above all expectations, considering both the contracts and the typology of the machinery systems we sold. We are sure that this trend will also continue throughout 2022. Moreover, this year, thanks to the participation in LAMIERA 2022, we will have the opportunity to increase the number of one-to-one meetings with our customers – which we consider essential moments in our activity – and to return to a direct exchange of views with the colleagues of the sector. The exhibition will enable us to show a wider public all our potential, applications and novelties in the field of sheet-metal bending, by exhibiting our HRB-ATC, with automatic mould changing device, and our electric press brake, EG 4010, as well as a set of advanced functions applied to fibre laser cutting…” 

Luca Flavio Carboniero – OMERA
Business developer

“…the exhibition takes place in a very positive period for OMERA. In 2021, the year of our 70th anniversary we registered a 20% increase in turnover; for 2022 the challenge is even more stimulating, as we have achieved a new record with regard to acquired orders to be managed in a dynamic and changeable framework, where there are problems related to the supply of electrical components and fluctuations in the prices of raw materials and semi-finished products. We will take part in LAMIERA 2022 with great enthusiasm! Exhibition of reference for our sector, LAMIERA is the ideal context for us, where we can strengthen the relationships with our customers and our sales network and exhibit our range of trimming beading machines, mechanical and hydraulic presses, as well as our core business: turnkey fully-automated plants for customers manufacturing expansion vessels, boilers, components for ventilation systems, pump bodies, multi-layer pots and pans, tanks and filters for the automotive sector, to mention just a few. More specifically, at our stand, we will feature solutions with Energy-Saving and Energy-Recovery packages. In this connection, we will show our R1hile CNC trimming beading machine with CNC axes enabling new functions, equipped with a new HMI allowing a reduction of machine setup and production changeover times. In addition, thanks to the Incentives 4.0 confirmed by the Government, once again LAMIERA will be an important showcase for those who intend to renew the machines in operation in their factories…” 

Christian Colombo – FICEP

“…Italy is one of the major European destination markets for the sheet-metal fabrication industry. With its 92 years of activity, FICEP has gained an extensive experience in all the technologies of the sector, from punching to shearing, from drilling to milling, from plasma cutting to oxycutting processing. Expressly for this reason, we will not miss the appointment with LAMIERA 2022! As the Italian point of reference for the sector, the exhibition will be a unique occasion to show all our technologies. At our stand, we will present our new solutions, all our innovative services in a 4.0 perspective – as well as our solutions for programming, data recovery, predictive maintenance and cloud services. We will highlight our ability to offer our customers state-of-the-art, all-inclusive products, thanks to a combination of several technologies on the same machinery. In addition, we will present a preview of a new interface: a completely re-designed HMI, capable of offering a web-service system, which, by connecting with the Cloud, enables the management of predictive maintenance and other digital services. The trade show will take place in a period of time, when the tax incentives 4.0 will still boost investments and will make LAMIERA 2022 an eagerly awaited event with a large attendance. FICEP is also registering an excellent trend: indeed, we started the year 2022 with a bigger order portfolio compared with the one we had at the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic. If the problems we have encountered concerning non-availability of material supplies and supply-chain management do not get worse, we will have positive results throughout 2022…”

Marco Massensini – FACCIN GROUP
Senior Technical Sales Manager

“…FACCIN Group is among the leading world manufacturers of sheet-metal forming machines. Thanks to its renowned brands – Faccin, Boldrini and Roundo, specialising in plate-rolling, dished-head and bending machines – FACCIN proposes a comprehensive product offering, with high attention to customers’ needs, advanced assistance systems and highly technological solutions for multiple manufacturing sectors. LAMIERA, the leading exhibition for the sector, has always been an unmissable, firm fixture for us for twenty years. The next edition will represent a concrete return to exhibition experience for the whole industry and to meeting in person for suppliers, specialists, sales agents and customers. Our participation will thus be even richer in value and will be the perfect occasion to show our numerous novelties. At our stand, (we will exhibit in Hall 13 – stand C22), we will highlight the launch of our new model of plate-rolling machine, 4HEP eDrive – four-roll, direct electric-drive roller featuring a rolling speed up to 10 m/min, energy efficiency improved by 35%, enhanced braking torque and more silent operation.
In addition, we will present a new version of Roundo R6X, our premium line of profile-bending machines, redesigned according to state-of-the-art engineering criteria, which imply a reduction in the codes of components for a simplified management of spare parts and a better technical assistance service. Finally, we will spotlight the new RSM Remote Service Management, connected with Faccin Cloud, which ensures digital and internet-connection services for machines to allow software upgrade and monitoring of diagnostic parameters. With these solutions, we are sure that visitors will recognise us as an innovative company ready to face the new challenges of the sector and of the market…”

Dieter Niederfriniger – ALPEMAC
Sole Director

“…despite the years of the pandemic, Alpemac kept on investing, significantly strengthening its role on the Italian market of sheet-metal fabrication machines, thanks to its new headquarters with permanent showroom and its more and more comprehensive product range. As official dealer in Italy for some of the most authoritative manufacturers in the international scenario, we match machines and technologies with our high expertise, thus accompanying our customers in their development path. Therefore, Alpemac is not only a simple distributor, but also, more and more, an accredited partner that offers its complete professional competencies, providing a support at any level. For these reasons, we eagerly wait for LAMIERA 2022. Actually, we expect that the exhibition will be able to attract a great attendance of operators, giving us the opportunity to show a large part of our new products introduced over the last twelve months, especially with regard to the Nukon fibre laser cutting systems, the CUTtech plasma cutting machines with Alpemac brand and the Boschert stand-alone and combination laser punching machines. We will also show an absolute novelty in the field of RAS folding machines, which are our leading showpiece. Besides the well-known MultiBend Center ECO and UpDown Center panel benders, indeed, for the first time, we will present MegaBen, a manual folding machine, capable of bending panels – creating positive and negative bends – in thickness up to a maximum of 6 mm and in length up to 3,200 mm, which will be one of the absolute novelties of the trade show. From cutting to bending, visitors will thus be able to find process solutions customised and suited to their expectations, their requirements and their production context…”

Corrado Nucci – VICLA
Co-owner and Sales Director

“…VICLA, an Italian, young and dynamic company, develops and manufactures sheet-metal processing machines, in particular press brakes. With a constant eye to the future, we offer a range of innovative, state-of-the-art products, entirely Made in Italy.
We were the first manufacturer of sheet-metal fabrication machines in Italy to believe in hybrid technology and today we still rely on this innovation, as we strive for precise and efficient sheet-metal bending with low environmental impact. Already in 2016, when LAMIERA took place in Bologna, we presented our hybrid system for press brakes. This year, with a larger stand in a central position, we will exhibit at LAMIERA 2022 with a direct focus on our novelties. In particular, we will show a new solution of hybrid bending machine, equipped with automatic tool changing system.
To remain competitive and always offer the best products, we have started a process of growth and expansion, with important investments, (new machinery, new technologies and a new production facility). Looking to the future, we are confirming our position among the top players of the market and we have strategic plans for export business, with the intention of strengthening our presence in the international market. The exhibition will be the ideal showcase to present our development path, our achievements and future targets. Indeed, we are perceiving a general optimism in the sector, which, together with the great expectation for the trade show after three years, will make LAMIERA 2022 a successful event with a large attendance…”

Paolo Robazza – WARCOM

“…for Warcom, it has become a tradition to exhibit at LAMIERA. Over 60% of our business is concentrated on the national market and thus, this trade show represents our leading exhibition.
A fundamental showcase for our business, LAMIERA is an occasion to strengthen and increase our presence in Italy, offering us the opportunity to establish new contacts and relations with the attending operators of our sector. We are very excited about our participation in the next edition of the event. At LAMIERA 2022, we will exhibit in a larger stand and will launch an important novelty in our product portfolio. Indeed, besides our classical range of flat laser cutting machines and hydraulic and electric press brakes, at our stand the leading light will be our new laser tube cutting machinery. With a possibility of machining up to 6 m and a diameter up to 300 mm, this new machinery is a very ambitious project for us and completes our product range for laser cutting. LAMIERA will allow a presentation of this novelty “on a grand scale” and will give us the opportunity to experience first-hand the customers’ feedback. We are very confident about the future. Despite the problems linked to the delayed deliveries and the scarce availability of raw materials that we are still facing, the year 2021 was extremely positive for us, with a continuous increase in orders. We are sure that the exhibition will further boost our performances…”

Massimiliano Rossi – INTESI
Managing Director

“…for over twenty years, we have been devising innovative systems and software to manage work in the enterprises of the mechanical and sheet metal sector. In our field, we are among the most structured, long-established, Italian companies. Our extensive experience allows us to offer highly innovative solutions, which are unique in their importance and high quality. Engaged in the development of ever-new proposals, in line with our customers’ needs, at LAMIERA 2022 we will present our complete product range, intending to be reliable partners for the companies in their 4.0 innovative path. In particular, we will show the public the most advanced version of MES software, an essential tool to improve the production and management process of an enterprise. Moreover, we will exhibit an APP solution for smartphones, created to manage factory data and capable of making manufacturing processes faster, more agile and productive. Our stand will offer the visitors a new digital experience: the display will be minimal and built around a big led wall, which will illustrate all our technology. The operators of the sector eagerly wish to return to the exhibition halls of LAMIERA and we are sure that the trade show in May will have a large attendance and will be a dynamic event. We are very optimistic about our participation in the exhibition and – especially thanks to the tax incentives in force – we expect a positive trend throughout 2022. For the future trend of Industry 4.0, we hope that the entrepreneurs will more and more understand the importance of these new systems.
After all, today, high speed and continuity in production are necessary elements to achieve the best results and always remain competitive…”

Alberto Vismara – TRUMPF
Division Manager

“…the Italian market is becoming the market of reference for Europe in the field of mechanical machining and our company, the Italian subsidiary of the German Group TRUMPF, is greatly benefitting from this trend. Our customers have a lot of business both in the Italian and in the European markets, where there is a continuous increase in exports and, consequently, we also register a constant growth. The last six months of 2021 were record-breaking for us and we believe that we will be able to achieve equally positive results also this year. With this premise, LAMIERA 2022 is crucial to strengthen the relaunch we experienced last year. This exhibition is the most important Italian showcase for our industry and, after a period of long absence from exhibition centres due to the public health situation, it will enable us to meet our customers again in person and create new synergies with the attending operators of the sector. We consider this aspect as the most significant with regard to our participation in the event, where we will surely be meeting a large audience, interested in getting to know our product ranges in depth and ready to discover the latest novelties in our field. Our product display will focus on the themes of automation and Industry 4.0. In particular, at our stand, the spotlight will be on our Trubend Center 7020 and a 12 kW laser machine…”

Alberto Zaffaroni – ZANI
Head of Management Control

“…a family-run company with over 60 years of activity, ZANI mainly manufactures sheet metal forming presses. Our strength lies in our sensitivity to listen and our ability to meet different customers’ needs by supplying them with customised products; our product offering is indeed engineered and specifically made- to-order. Moreover, we increasingly rely on Servo technology, capable of offering our customers a complete flexibility in machining. Every year, we take part in two exhibitions – one in Germany and one in Italy – and this year, as far as Italy is concerned, we decided to confirm our participation in LAMIERA 2022, which represents the trade show of reference for our sector! We will exhibit with a stand having a high visual impact, in which we will show blow-ups of our machines and some collateral elements of our production. We expect a good number of attending operators related to the sector, in particular Italian ones. We hope we will be able to establish new interesting contacts for our business. Therefore, we are optimistic about our presence at LAMIERA 2022 and about the recovery trend of the sector. After a negative 2020 and a fairly good 2021, however subject to problems linked to the availability of raw materials, the year 2022 seems very interesting for us, considering our ever increasing orders, especially from the Italian market…” 

Roberto Zerbini – REA ROBOTICS

“…Rea Robotics was initially established, at the end of the 80s, as an agency representing ASEA, (the former Swedish company, now better known as ABB). It started its business expressly representing the parent company by offering customer’s assistance services and sales of electromechanical equipment. Later on, as suggested by our acronym (Robotica Ed Automazione/Robotics and Automation), the enterprise totally became part of the field of manipulation and welding robotics. Since the years 2000s, indeed, we started the business of system integrators, initially promoting robotised cells, then moving on to more complex, large-sized and customised lines. This passage required a big qualitative leap and a strong operational and economic commitment. Driven by our strong determination, a strength that is well appreciated also by our customers, we have been able to take a path of innovation and development, as proven by the numerous orders we obtained. Our region of origin, Veneto, is an area where sheet metal plays a predominant role. Therefore, we cannot miss LAMIERA 2022. Our participation will allow us to update our customers about our novelties. In particular, we will exhibit a cell robotised with an ABB robot and a B3 Salvagnini press brake, in operation with off-line system programming – a feature that is increasingly required by the customers of the sector. We expect a high attendance of visitors at the exhibition and we are very confident about the future trend of the sector: the market is in full development and we will be able to continue our growth thanks to our successful technologies, which are more and more innovative and in line with many industries…”