In 2019, the world production of sheet metal forming and sheet metal working machine tools reached 21.7 billion euro. Italy confirmed its specialisation in the sector, strengthening its third position in the world production ranking, with an amount of 2.8 billion euro, and ranking second among exporting countries with 1.4 billion euro.

Even domestic consumption had a positive performance, attaining 1.6 billion euro, enabling Italy to maintain its fourth place in the international ranking and to be among the few countries that closed the year with a positive sign, despite the general slowdown of consumption, decreased by 9.3% worldwide.

Thanks to these performances, Italy is gradually taking shares away from its direct European competitor, Germany, both in terms of production and consumption. Also for this reason, LAMIERA is a more and more important occasion for all Italian and foreign operators, as well as the first event for the market of the area in 2021.