fieramilano, 17-20 / 5 / 2017
Machines and equipment for the machining of sheet metal, pipes, sections, wire and metal structural work. Dies. Welding. Heat treatments. Surface treatment and finishing. Subcontracting

Exhibitors' innovations

This section provides a preview of the new products/technologies on show at Lamiera*

1960 SERAVESI: sheet metal forming machinery

The main objective of 1960 Seravesi Srl is that of supplying sheet metal forming machinery such as Plate Bending Machines 3 Rolls With Variable Geometry And Double Pre-Bending; 4 Rolls Pyramidal With Double Pre-Bend; Hydraulic Press Presses With Mobile Piston And Fix Gantry; Presses With Fix Piston And Gantry; Presses With Mobile Piston And Gantry; Hydraulic Manipulators; Hydraulic Flanging Machines; Special Machine According To The Customer Request alongside the manufacturing of this constructing machinery, starting from its design down to the final testing and assembly on site with the utmost precision and care. 1960 Seravesi srl relies on Tommaso Seravesi’s collaboration, who has been designing bending machine, presses and flanging machines for over 50 years, besides supervising the building stage of the machinery and from strength, abilities and professionalism of the Lozza family, specialists in the mechanical processing and assembly sector since the early 80’s.

1960 Seravesi >>

AAF International is pleased to announce the launch of the PulsePak V

The PulsePak V is the optimal solution for the removal of contaminates and fumes from a wide variety of metalworking applications. In metalworking applications where space is limited, exhausting filtered air outdoors is not always possible or practical. So by utilising the latest technology and HEPA class filtration, the new PulsePak V recirculates in-plant air, reducing cost, protecting equipment and enhancing both performance and indoor air quality. The PulsePak V delivers exceptional air cleaning and extended filter life utilising an optimised inlet air section that delivers equal distribution of air across the V-Pak filters in combination with REDClean Media Technology.

AAF >>

A.B.ESSE: new system TDiM -Tube Defect in-line Monitor

TDiM (Tube Defect in-line Monitor) system was created to meet and satisfy the demand of some pipe manufacturers to accurately control the welding process of steel pipes. Specifically, the subject of particular interest, is the weld bead. The purpose is to ensure a NON CONTACT in-line quality control that allows the minimization of waste and complaints from end customers. Such a system, with an innovative "white light“ technology (chromatic confocal multipoint technology), determines and make immediately evident to the operators those parameters before not visible then not available, as the bead shape and the presence of particular faults (eg. mismatch, misalignment of flaps) and micro-defects (eg. micro-holes). The TDiM software allows, in addition of the 2D and 3D display of tube profile, to set the parameters which overrun generates one or more error signals that can be sent simultaneously to line PLC. Furthermore, in conjunction with the signaling, the TDiM software can record the event (datalog function) on the internal hard drive support which can also be comfortably viewed at a later time, through the function of the software itself referred to as <<post-process>>.


AMADA: LCG 3015 AJ Fiber laser with 6 KW oscillator

In this edition of Lamiera, AMADA will present the new fiber laser with a 6kw AJ generator and two solutions for the automated bending processes. LCG AJ delivers higher speed and faster acceleration processing by utilizing a carriage with a lower centre of gravity and the latest motion system incorporating high torque motors and helical rack drives. The nozzles’ automatic change at 8 stations, the capacitive head, the automatic adjustment of the focal point and the WACS II water cooling technology of the sheet metal surface, all allow for stable and efficient processes. The new powerful 6kw generator designed by AMADA, enables to achieve unparalleled performances for the cutting of mild steel, stainless steel and medium-high thickness aluminum, with high speed processing and low operating costs. The LCG AJ 6kw establishes itself as the new benchmark in terms of productivity for the fiber laser cutting.

Amada >>

BIESSE: Intermac introduces Primus 402: maximum versatility in Waterjet cutting technology

On show at Lamiera 2017 - Hall 13, Stand C40 - Primus 402, the latest Intermac solution capable of cutting just about any metallic materials thanks to the Waterjet technology which processes materials by a high-speed jet of water and abrasive that can reach pressures of 400 MPa. Dynamic control over the flow of abrasive as well as optimising the main cutting parameters guarantees that the machine can maintain maximum productivity. Blocking the piece being machined is very simple, and sometimes not even necessary, and the machine hardly requires any setting at all. Work can be done on 3 or 5 axes, which allows for 60°cuts, angled cuts, chamfering or countersinking. The 5-axis cutting head is equipped with an infinite-rotation C axis patented by Intermac, which allows for angled cuts to be made on complex shapes with no restrictions. Primus can be configured with two or more independent cutting heads to optimize productivity.

Biesse >>

CAM2: the latest FARO Laser Tracker and ScanArm offer a step forward in high-precision measurement

At Stand G37 in Pavilion 15, FARO will present its series of Laser Tracker and ScanArm models for high-precision measurement and dimensional analysis. FARO recently expanded the Laser Tracker family with the introduction of the new FARO VantageS and VantageE, which have set a new benchmark in portability, durability and quality by containing the most advanced measuring technology. Ideal for various sectors such as metalworking, the new Laser Tracker Vantage models are designed to measure up to 80 and 25 metres respectively, and are equipped with a master control unit, hot-swap batteries - eliminating the need for AC power and cables, and industrial-level Wi-Fi for reliable wireless communication. In addition, both models support the patented FARO TrackArm Super 6DoF (degrees of freedom) which allows a Tracker Vantage to be paired with a FARO ScanArm or multiple ScanArm devices to create an integrated 3D measuring system within a single coordinate system.

Cam2 >>

COLGAR: production of big dimensioned press brakes for sheet metal bending

Colgar brand is well known since years for the production of big dimensioned press brakes for sheet metal bending. Among the most recent installations there is an ambitious and well done project for tandem machines installed by FIDA G.. This is the longest  tandem system in Europe realized with two machines and mainly dedicated to the production of telescopic arms. Total bending length is 21 mt using tandem, one press brake with 14 mt length and one with 7 mt length and a total installed power of 3.600 tons and a concentrated charge of 500 ton/mt. For each press brake the working area has an opening of 1,4 mt, a gap of 1,3 mt and a stroke of 800 mm. The system is complete with 5 turret back gauges, each one with 3 independent axes and 5 front pusher on the whole length. Each machine is equipped with a variable die for the concentrated charge of 500 ton/mt that allows the equipment times reduction. Bending piece exrtaction is fully automatic type, both working in tanden and working with single machine. All these automatic systems are equal to more than 20 controlled axes.

Colgar >>


Cy-Laser will be exhibiting at LAMIERA CY2D 2017, the new L3015 power 6 kW, with renewed aesthetic, full accessibility from both sides and the possibility to right and left installation. To the system will be integrated the Compact Server 3015, the result of experience gained in the field every day with our clients. In the last year Cy-Laser has collected from end-users a twofold desire: on the one hand to have dedicated automations to support complex processes, on the other hand the need for simplicity and certainty of result. The peculiarities of this automation are a very quick load\unload cycle in order to avoid bottlenecks and exploit the unique characteristics of the fiber laser, a double-sheet control system and 4 different types of sheet metal separation to avoid production downtime, together with a full configurability of the suction caps assembly, to adapt to various sheet formats.

Cy-Laser >>

DATAM: Copra ProfileScan Desktop

Most optical profile measuring systems are in line-devices equipped with a sensor ring with four to six cameras. This makes quality control a costly and inflexible obligation. Beside its high accuracy, Copra ProfileScan Desktop offers great flexibility and mobility due to the compact build and a patented 360° measuring method. The turn table based design allows mapping of the entire visible cross section. Additionally, ProfileScan Desktop scans large inner areas even with the smallest slots in the profile, considerably reducing the “dead range” compared to a device with multiple sensor modules. Due to its high range of views and full integration into the Copra RF workflow, Pro-fileScan Desktop represents the ideal measuring tool for Reverse Engineering projects. It offers a particularly cost effective way for measuring of profiles, tubes, and wired cross sections. Paired with the provided software solutions, it represents a powerful tool for quality control and Reverse Engineering.

DIGIEMME: new transfer line

Digiemme is pleased to present a new transfer line for the production of components for furniture accessories. The transfer system consists of an eccentric press 1200 kN of Oti Presse manufacturer with fixed stroke of 110 mm and a table of 2050 mm; a mechanical transfer unit T150R2S guaranteeing high performance and an electronic feeder with control panel integrated in the press one are assembled on the press. A lubrication system with integral oil is provided for lubricating the strip and some tooling stations. The system will be equipped with 2 transfer toolings, suitable for production of furniture hardware. The integration and the perfect synergy among the single components of the system allows to achieve a guaranteed production rate up to 300 pieces/minute. At our stand we will exhibit the new pieces manufactured with the latest toolings designed by Digiemme.

E.O.I. TECNE: New sizes in stud-welding technology with SRM effect

Heinz Soyer GmbH, distributed in Italy by E.O.I. Tecne srl – Milan for more than 40 years, introduces its portable inverter-based welders BMK-8i, 10i and 12i (Pat. No.: DE 10 2004 051389) running via the SRM system. The advantages of this new technique: 240 V single-phase power supply. Welding bead has been eliminated. 60 % less welding time. 70 % energy savings. How it works: The welding arc follows a spiral trajectory created by the magnetic field, which melts the stud's head in the sheet metal body. The rotation of the arc produces a regular, complete melting of the stud joint with the sheet metal. Moreover, for example, the new single-phase, 230 Volt, 9.5 kg BMK-8i portable welder is very lightweight and powerful, suitable for welding studs up to M8 (M10/M12 with reduced base). Current consumption is only 300°. The gun: The welders of this family use the new PH-9 SRM12+G welding gun, featuring a built-in earth contact, which simplifies and speeds up the welding process.

E.O.I. Tecne >>

ESSEMEC: Newstark Stark-Strip the force of innovation

Newstark Stark strip is designed to be mounted directly to most industry standard retainers, for both Ballock (Light-Heavy Duty) and headed punches, which allows the extraction of the punch from the metal sheet, providing strength and security with minimum dimensions. This stripper, thanks to the high quality of the polyurethane EFFEBE rubber, not only increases the punch life supporting its tip and dampening the vibrations during drilling stage, but also allows to reduce the setup time and maintenance. The cover grants the security of the die, sheltering the rubber from light and external contamination and the inserts made in BRAL, which vary according to the length of the punch, are easily interchangeable, machinable and equipped with an anti-rotation system. 

Essemec >>

FAR: new hydro pneumatic riveting tool, the model RAC 181

FAR has recently developed a new hydro pneumatic riveting tool, the model RAC 181. This new tools generation embodies FAR dedication towards continuous improvement and increase in quality standards. Rac 181 can set blind rivets from 2,4 to 4,8 in all materials and up to 6 mm in aluminium, only. Additionally, it can also set structural rivets. Hereafter some of the technical features of the new hydro pneumatic tool: Weight: 1,6 kg (22% lighter than RAC 180), Travel: 21 mm (unchanged towards RAC 180), Reduced noise emission versus RAC 180, Dual Air nozzle on the left and the right side, Plastic handle and body in magnesium alloy. A more comfortable and ergonomic design. Lever device on the handle for the activation of the air suction system (continuous-by shot only – no air at all), Built-in silencer, Shooting axis perpendicular to the tool body, Oil filling at the top of the tool and not on its side, Better accessibility to the tool components during maintenance and repair work.

Far >>

FASTEN.IT: a platform for the fastener industry is an interactive platform promoting contacts among the fastener industry all over the world, through useful and innovative tools: Supplier Search, E-Procurement, Business for Sale, News, Product Norms, Surplus Stock, etc. >>

FICEP: Tipo G31LG - Gantry automatic CNC drilling milling&thermal cutting system for large plates

The Tipo G is the new solution for drilling, milling and thermal cutting of  large plates up to 3100 mm width, equipped with lateral grippers for plate handling and automatic pieces unloading system. The new Tipo G can be configured with up to two high speed drilling units, each of it suitable to receive an automatic tool changer with 24 positions per head. Thanks to the special auxiliary axis, the Tipo G allows to keep  the plates in position and to carry out all the operations  included in the working area of the axis, which can be up to a maximum of 400mm, assuring a very high working precision. Beside the drilling heads, the Tipo G can be equipped with a maximum of two plasma torches (standard and/or bevel) and a maximum of three oxycutting torches.

HELVI: New multi-process welders range Maxitech

Maxitech is the new 3ph multi-process welding machines range for industrial use. Designed with inverter technology, the range includes compact or with separate wire feeders models. The large 3.3” display shows all the welding parameters, and makes their setting easy and intuitive. Equipped in standard configuration with the following process: Mig manual and synergic, MMA and TIG. The Can-Bus techonolgy allows to expand the power source with optional function: single pulse, double pulse, root welding. You can also install optional interface to use Spool-gun or Pushpull torch, with analog or digital control. The user can save and recall more then 200 working point and to store them in a customized JOB LIST. Easy to update thanks to USB interface. For models Maxitech 380-500, from the separate wire-feeder the user can set all the parameters up to a distance of 100 meters from the power source.

HIWIN: new size to the linear motor range

HIWIN is adding the new LMCF size to the upper performance range of its highly dynamic LMC linear motor series. The new variant from the LMC family attains continuous forces of up to 684 N and brief peaks of up to 2736 N, with total motor dimensions, including stator, of 172 mm (height) by 41.1 mm (width). By combining several stators (magnet tracks), travel distances of any length can be created. Likewise several forcers (linear motors) can be operated on one linear motor axis. These can either be switched and controlled independently of one another or in parallel to increase the feed rate. The forcer weight of the new LMCF linear motor is between 2.5 and 7.5 kg depending on the version. The synchronous linear motors of the LMC series from HIWIN are characterised by extreme acceleration and maximum synchronism. With the ironless forcer and the U-shaped stator design with optimised permanent magnet arrangement, firstly no cogging torques occur between forcers and stators and secondly no magnetic forces of attraction are introduced into the guiding system.

Hiwin >>


Imas Aeromeccanica designs and manufactures full suction and filtering systems for fumes, dusts, oil mist and a wide variety of pollutants present in the air of workplaces. We carry out intense research and design activities on new systems and techniques which aim to guarantee to the client an accurate and up-to-date execution of every working phase. we are a certified company producing guaranteed and certified systems, where all materials and working processes are traceable at every production stage. Among the novelties we have a compact dust collector with vertical cartridges and pre-settling chamber, working in negative pressure, complete with jet-pulse cleaning system, electro-fan and electric board. That dust Collector suitable for mechanical workings like sanding/satin finishing, laser and plasma cutting

Imas Aeromeccanica >>

IMCAR: 3 rolls 3RHT model

On the occasion of LAMIERA fair IMCAR will exhibit the 3 rolls 3RHT model with variable geometry able to bend metal sheets from 10mm up to 200mm thickness. Accuracy, speed and high performance of bending (both in pre-bending and bending) make the 3RHT a unique machine, especially when working thick material. The 2 side rolls with their horizontal movement and the upper one with its vertical movement can move independently, positioning as exactly required to obtain the best results. The main advantages are: possibility of bending a wide range of thicknesses and materials, adjusting the geometry thanks to the independent movement of the 3 rolls; the sheet is always in horizontal position even during the process of pre-bending, preventing the sheet from slipping or tipping over; possibility of quick and easy replace of the upper roll; savings on foundations, in fact working in horizontal with lateral rolls, the working height can be reduced; PLC + control desk for easy control of all movements; alarms and immediate stop device in case of emergency and braking system with moving heads to always ensure 100% of braking. 

Imcar >>

LDM: design and manufacturing of coil processing machineries

L.D.M. Officina Meccanica company located in Barzago (Lecco) is one of the leaders for design and manufacturing of coil processing machineries – slitting and cut-to-length lines for all kinds of steel and nonferrous metals of 0.3-16 mm thickness. LDM lines are designed with the latest standards of technology and completely made in our factory. The LDM levellers are used for leveling steel coils and sheets to eliminate the main defects of the metal sheet after rolling mills such as dents, curvature, waviness, camber and so on. Our leveling machines are designed and built to meet the highest and most strict requirements for the quality and reliability to provide an extremely precise material flatness. The reduced technical maintenance and strength of our levellers ensure high productivity and low operating costs for our customers. We build the levellers with fixed frames and changeable (cassette type) systems which allow to change leveling blocks within a very short time.

Ldm >>

LVD: Touch Series controls and Cadman software

At Hall 15 – Stand E18/F13, LVD highlights the benefits of networked systems and Industry 4.0 with a virtual “Smart Factory” in the booth. Interconnected LVD machinery, Touch Series controls and Cadcam software enable real-time data collection and help leverage the value of that data across the entire manufacturing operation to make the Smart Factory a reality. Cadcam software looks at the big picture and helps streamline the complete fabrication process – from production control, communication, planning and management to punching, bending and laser cutting – through integrated, database-driven software that gives real-time insights from the shop floor and instant control of production processes. At Lamiera, LVD demonstrates how its Industry 4.0-ready products address today’s small batch, increased part complexity and short lead-time culture by putting networked information at customers’ fingertips, helping them to make more informed decisions. 

Lvd >>

METALIX: AutoNest Pro the most efficient nesting of parts

AutoNest Pro is a recent additional module of AutoNest. It includes an automatic nesting algorithm that considerably improves both nesting quality and speed. AutoNest Pro quickly finds the best material usage you may have; Allows reducing the number of NC Programs and SubNests; Allows full control of running time. During nesting, shows all the SubNests of the solution and allows you to stop the nesting when you see a satisfactory result. The picture shows difference between Autonest Standard and Autonest Pro with one part with irregular shape. Metalix invite you in Hall 13 Stand A29, to try the Autonest Pro with your dxf or for complete presentation of all products. 

Metalix >>

NITTY-GRITTY: Clinox Power

Clinox Power is the ideal solution for the immediate eco-friendly treatment to TIG, TIG with filler metal, MIG/MAG, pulsed-arc MIG, laser, resistance, orbital, and plasma welding. The advanced technology Clinox Power, through an immediate electrochemical reaction, ensures the pickling, passivation and polishing of any stainless-steel weld, irrespective of the finishing, without wasting time, without leaving rings, and in complete safety for the operator. Clinox Power is the professional device designed for companies which need high productivity. Thanks to the Inverter technology, it ensures an actual productivity of 96%, much higher than the productivity of transformer-fitted machines (44%). It is the only machine fitted with: patented large torch with automatic electrolyte pumping; vapor blowing system; fast interchange of optional inserts; tank with level control of the pickling solution; patented second torch with manual dosing and integrated tank, able to work simultaneously with the larger torch, thus doubling productivity; brush to reach more easily the least accessible points. Furthermore, Clinox Power, like many other Clinox machines, allows the marking and the localized electric erosion (white marking) for stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper, and titanium. 

Nitty-Gritti >>

NUOVACMM: new longitudinal seamer for the linear welding

Nuova CMM s.r.l. presents a new longitudinal seamer for the linear welding of ferrules and plates mod. SW 1.0 complete of one axis Numerical Control with PLC and user friendly colour Touch Screen 7” with Ethernet and USB connection. This plant meets all the requirements for Industry 4.0 and can weld with conventional processes: TIG, PLASMA, MIG / MAG and SAW. This plant is made with useful lengths of up to 6000 mm and different geometric configurations: SW - Welding from only the outer side of the ferrule, SWI - Welding only from the inner side of the ferrule, SWC - Combined welding from both sides of the ferrule, SWV - Vertical welding for large diameters of ferrule, SWA - Welding with automatic cycle to approach and fix the edges of the ferrule.

Nuova Cmm >>

OMCR: SINT300 Sintered Sliding Elements

The SINT300 Sliding Elements consist of a steel base on which a porous sintered bronze layer is applied, this incorporates a solid lubricant (graphite and MoS2) and a liquid lubricant (oil) which is dispersed homogeneously at a microscopic level. This results in an increased working surface and self-lubrication is notably improved compared to systems using graphite inserts. OMCR - SINT300 Self-lubricating products offer greater performance as opposed to the traditional in bronze- graphite. P max = 300 N/mm2, V max = 40 m/min, P*V max = 300 N/mm2 * m/min, Surface area from 40 a 500 cm2, Omnidirectional movement, Available in the full VDI range, Low acquisition costs, Reduced maintenance, Long life cycle. The increased performance of OMCR SINT300 - self-lubricating - sintered products allow more compact movement in respect to traditional self-lubricating products in bronze-graphite.

Omcr >>

PARMIGIANI: 90 years of innovation and highest technology

Founded in 1927, there is almost a century of experience at the core of Parmigiani full range of metal bending equipment including hydraulic 4-roll VBH plate rolls, variable geometry 3-roll plate rolls PCO, pyramidal 3-roll TBH. Further, you will find the angle rolls PLANET and the lines for dished ends, with the powerful presses with automatic manipulator of the DPO-MAP series. Our product range is then completed by the plate straightening machines SLH and the aircraft rolls HDC. World-known for their high quality and reliability, Parmigiani machines feature the most advanced CNC controls on the market, which include exclusive functions like the ground-breaking 3D-RollCAD software. This results in extremely innovative and advanced machines, which are engineered from the very beginning to meet the standards of INDUSTRY 4.0. Come visit us at our stand at LAMIERA 2017 to discover Parmigiani exclusive bending technology!

Parmigiani >>

PROMOTEC: reveals the technology of the future with XDREAM

Promotec member of Gigant Industries group reveals the technology of the future with XDREAM, the complete machine which combines fiber laser-plasma-drilling unit. XDREAM represents a real laser machining center where you can install complementary technologies, in particular plasma bevel and drilling unit ISO30. The use of XDREAM is suggested especially to carpentries that use metal sheets up to 2500x12000, possibly equipped with automatic pallet change. The positioning of each piece is done once only, thus guaranteeing precision of the cutting and considerable time saving. XDREAM offers a real competitive advantage to our customer, who will cut the same piece with the best technology and consumption. XDREAM is a multi-technology machine which fits even to narrow spaces, combining comprehensive manufacturing with excellent dynamic performances. With XDREAM the future has already arrived.

Promotec >>

RICERCA CHIMICA: Inox System Revolution

Why Inox System Revolution? 1. The Most Powerful System in the World. 2. The only System in the world able to cover the whole cycle of Stainless Steel: degreasing, de-oxidation, pickling, passivation. 3. The quickest System for pickling in the world. 4. Uses not hazardous products, having no impact on the Operators. 5. Pickling, De-oxidation, Decontamination, Degreasing and Passivation can be done using  non dangerous products (Non Toxic, Non Corrosive, Non Irritating the skin). 6. No ADR needed for  the  transportation of these products. 7. between 2-3 Operators are able to work at the same time on one System. 8. Maintenance for elimination corrosion or renewing the Stainless Steel Surface can be operated. 9. Cable connected to the System can be long more than  30 mt! 10. Torches wide can be up to 35 cm the biggest torches in the world! Automatic Welding Systems: it can be connected to the arm of a Robot for automatic treatment after automatic welding.

Ricerca Chimica >>

RIVIT: RIV606 and RIV616: double productivity, increase your safety

Make efficiency automatic with RIV606, the automatic feeder for blind rivets and RIV616, the automatic feeder for rivet nuts and turn your riveting operations into a time-saving work. The reduction in the riveting time is an essential goal for the industrial activity. This is why Rivit projected a pneumatic/electric unit, that loads the rivet or the rivet nut directly on the head of the riveting tool: its use halves the installation time and eliminates, in the loading phase, the contact between the operator’s hand and the body of the fasteners, assuring more productivity and higher safety.  RIV606 is an automatic feeder for standard blind rivets from d.2.4 to d.6.4 mm and it can be used with tools with mandrel suction, such as models RIV502/RIV503/RIV505. RIV616 is an automatic feeder for rivet nuts from M3 to M8 with cylindrical or hexagonal shank, with dome, reduced or countersunk head. RIV616 can be used with tools as RIV938, RIV912 and RIV941 model.

ROMANI COMPONENTS: SBI linear guideways

The new range of products SBI is characterized by an improved load capacity, thanks to the greater length of the supporting body in steel, as well as presenting a modified radius of curvature. The new construction of the carriages by means of half-shells of plastic material consisting of stell balls mounted in interlocking recirculation tubes allows the guides SBI a low coefficient of friction ensuring low noise and high energy efficiency. The retention system of the stell balls and the range of easily mountable gaskets, ensure reliability and durability. The SBI guides can be requested with the treatment antioxidation Raydent black colored, slightly opaque. It is suitable for the use of linear systems in particularly aggressive environments (exposure to high humidity, marine environments, etc.). Raydent is a revolutionary surface treatment technology, which penetrates into the structure of metals and integrates, generating an ant coating

SBS STEEL BELT SYSTEMS: new laboratory production line

SBS Steel Belt Systems was born in 1984 for the manufacturing of industrial plants equipped with stainless steel belts. Since then SBS has been designing and building directly continuous machinery equipped with stainless steel belts for a wide range of applications in industrial processes, in the chemical, petrochemical, food, plastic materials and powder coating industries. As for powder coatings, SBS created a few years ago an Extrusion and Powder Coating Division, with dedicated and competent resources, ready to meet the industry needs, offering a “package service” support to the powder coating production lines. Our primary objective is to supply machinery, spare parts, mechanical, instrumental, software assistance and process support in the field of surface treatment and powder coatings production. At LAMIERA 2017 we will exhibit our laboratory production line consisting of: Laboratory premixer, Extruder + cooling system type “chill roll and nano-breaker”, Laboratory grinding system.

SCHRÖDER: PowerBend Industrial

The German manufacturer of sheet metal working machines Schröder Group exhibits its new folding machine PowerBend Industrial UD with a working length of 3200 mm. Being able to bend up to 6 mm thick sheets this machine proves to be ready for mass production, but also for small series- and single piece manufacturing. Powerful drives in combination with a torsion-resistant machine body and high-quality tools make this machine an ideal investment for companies that also have to bend up to 3 mm thick stainless steel in bulk. The folding machine guarantees a surface-gentle processing of shiny sheets: Thanks to the Up-and-Down folding beam the sheet does not need to be turned over for counter-folds. This saves a lot of time and allows you to work efficiently. The optional back gauge system with suction cups simplifies the handling of sheets even more: Once gauged against the folding beam, the machine bends one side of the sheet fully automatic without any intervention by the operator. 

Schröder >>

SERVOPRESSE: equipment to process Coil

Servopresse, was established in 1970 with the aim of designing and producing equipment to process coil material for presses, shears, forming machines and machines that use sheet metal coils. Today, the medium-sized, family-run company is one of the leading European manufacturers in this sector.  Around 90% of its production is sold outside Italy through a network of technically-qualified distributors able to offer customers installation services and post sales assistance/support. The company’s production range covers all coils up to a maximum capacity of 20 tons, widths of up to 2000mm and thicknesses of up to 20mm. It has placed a keen emphasis on line customisation, automation and the processing of high-strength materials, in line with its customers’ requirements and the trends it has identified in coil processing markets. Servopresse can build single machines, compact lines and special lines comprising: Decoilers: single or double, with or without motor, and hydraulic self-centring expansion. Straighteners: normal or feeding straighteners, comprising a cast iron drafting head and hardened and ground steel straightening rolls. Electronic roll feeders: easy to use and suitable for automated lines. Traditional lines: these feature decoilers and straighteners to be used with an independent feeder. Compact lines: these are composed of integrated decoilers and feeder straighteners. Special lines: to satisfy most sophisticated working requirements such as zig-zag feeding lines; straightener cradles; bar feeders; complete cutting lines; micro-perforation and embossing coil line as well as  automatic multi-disc cutting line from coil.system.

Servopresse >>

SIGMATEK: SigmaNEST the CAD/CAM system for the sheet metal

SigmaNEST represents the CAD / CAM system for the sheet metal leader of the world market, allows to manage all the cutting machines: laser, plasma, oxyfuel, punching, combi, waterjet, milling machines and pantographs. Market developments brought SigmaTEK to introduce into their suite, products that meet not only all the functionality of the new generation machines, but also the needs of the INDUSTRY 4.0 related to interconnection with CNC machine tools and automated integration with logistic factory systems. The consolidated structure on DataBase and skills acquired guarantee dialogues with CN and professional integration with any type of ERP or MRP guaranteeing the transformation to Industry 4.0. Founded in 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, SigmaTEK provides full support around the world and aims to be stable and safe partner for solid growth for own customers.

Sigmatek >>

STAM: Flexible Roll forming lines

In the field of the machines for coils working/processing, several new technologies have recently arisen, which are replacing with profit the traditional ones. One of the most important is the “flexible rollforming”. Stam Spa, located in Ponzano Veneto (TV) Italy, is a worldwide leader in this field. Stam rollforming lines has an extraordinary flexibility, being able to change in few minutes from the production of a type of profile (having a certain section and dimensions) to another, without need of manual intervention,  thus allowing their advantageous use for the big, as well as the small production batches. One of these applications is the flexible roll forming lines for U, C, Z and Sigma profiles. It  is actually regarding profiles having thickness normally up to 4 mm, with variable width up to 400 mm. All the adjustments are handled by computer without operator’s direct attendance. Finally,Stam produces as well lines for Cut-to-length and Slitting lines for coils, and  produces lines for Flexible Manufacturing Systems.

Stam >>

STELIN: automatic orbital welding solutions

Stelin, the only Italian company to design and build systems for automatic orbital welding solutions. Thanks to the collaboration of specialized technicians, with many years of experience, Stelin is able to intervene in every field of weldings for tube to tube-plate, closed and open chamber for tube-tube. An example are the heads from Series 200 patented for the welding of U-bend for refrigeration systems. The minimum encumbrance size is a 23x25 mm geometry  with a diameter of 9,52 mm and 35 mm overall height, with inserted bend. Another fundamental characteristic of the head is that both the body and the contact with the saddle plate are cooled by internal water passage, improving the reliability and robustness of the machine, allowing heavy duty cycle. The heads are inserted from the top and are able to contain within them the entire bend, allowing a fully closed welding chamber and a high metallurgical quality.

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TRUMPF: TruBend Center 7030

TRUMPF has expanded its panel bending portfolio by including a fully automatic machine, the TruBend Center 7030, which offers the highest degree of part flexibility and retains the usual benefits of TRUMPF panel bending: short side lengths, small profiles, and parts with formed sections, recesses, diverse radii or multiple negative bends – the machine reliably bends them all with precision. The news of the machine is the rotary part manipulator, that turns the parts automatically, freeing up the operator and increasing the productivity of the bending process. When it comes to positioning smaller parts, the patented 2-axis part manipulator also comes into play. The synchronized interaction of rotary and 2-axis part manipulator allows what is for fully automatic panel bending an unusually large degree of freedom to shape components. The TruBend Center 7030 is designed to allow for a wide range of shapes and formats, including sheets of aluminium up to 4 mm thick, mild steel up to 3 mm thick, or stainless steel up to 2.2 mm thick. TRUMPF Homberger presents this machine at the fair LAMIERA, Hall 15, Stand D40 E33.

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VICLA: .First small size for big performance

With small size but not less efficiency and performance compared to the masterpiece Vicla press brake .Superior. .First is compact press brake, perfect for small and medium bending: an excellent machine for quality, solidity and precision. Among its main features there are polished design, studied on the bases of maximum ergonomics, speed of execution, low noise emissions and semplicity for users. Excellent performance with rapid movement of axis and with low consumptions. Keeping with frontal pannel CNC ESA S640 touch screen is another strong point compared with other machines of this field. The result is an intuitive and rapid programming. Reduced size, perfect led lighting on the working area. Depending on necessity it’s possible to personalize with different automatic clamping.

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